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My mother only has one leg and eye. I hate it really embarrassing. He became the chef at my neighbor's house and sell cakes at my school, to finance the family. One day when I was in grade school, my mother came. I was so embarrassed. Why did he do this? I looked at him with malice and fled. My mother was silent just looking. The next day at school. "Your mom only has one leg and one eye. ?!?!" Iieeeeee, screamed a friend of mine. I hope my mother disappeared from the face of the earth. I said to mother, "Mom, Why do not you have one leg and one other eye? If she just wanted to make me laugh about, it's better she just die! "My mother did not answer. I feel somewhat uneasy, but at the same time, relieved it was already revealed what he wanted to say so far. Perhaps because my mother did not punish me, but I do not think at all that she felt very hurt because of me. Night. I woke up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. My mother was cryi

To ponder: Never Scared While There's Still Hope

There are 4 candles are lit, little by little been melted.  Candlelight  The atmosphere was so quiet that there was a conversation they The first said: "I am Peace." "But people can not look after me: it is better if I kill myself alone!" So little by little the candle goes out. The second said: "I am the Faith." "Unfortunately I'm not useful anymore." "People do not want to know me, that's no good for me to stay on." Once finished, extinguish wind. Sadly the third candle's turn to speak: "I am Love." "No longer able to keep me lit." "People no longer view and mengganggapku useful." "They hate each other, even hate those who love him, hate his family." Without waiting for long time, then died the third candle. Without the unexpected ... A child then entered the room, and saw the three candles were extinguished. Being afraid of the darkness, he said: "Ekh what

Indonesia Sues New7Wonders

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Culture and Tourism through its legal counsel Todung Mulya Lubis, plans to cast a civil lawsuit to court against the Swiss NGO New7Wonders. This action is done because the NGO New7Wonders limit Kemenbudpar promotion supports Komodo nomination as a finalist seven wonders of the world. We will file our legal rights to New7Wonders, we do not want to apply unfair in this election process, "said Todung his office, Equity Building Tower, SCBD, South Jakarta on Wednesday (09/02/2011). According to him, if the restriction was made because Indonesia is not willing to host the coronation of the seven wonders of the world really has nothing to do, especially the decision was taken unilaterally by NGOs New7Wonders. "Official supporting our committee should not be doing any promotion of our rights removed, they cancel the agreement unilaterally, I'm sure Kemnbudpar very strong legal position," he explained. In addition to the restrictions on promo

Benefits of consuming Vitamin E

Consuming vitamin E appeared to have many benefits other than as an anti-oxidant for skin turns vitamin E can prolong the life of a particular person. According to researchers of University of Helinski who conduct research in Finladia from 1985 to 1993, more than 10,000 people aged 65 years and older said that, if vitamin E efficacious extend the life of the most feel the properties are those aged 71 years and older. Study finds vitamin E does not have an effect extending life in people-people age 65 -70 years but reduce deaths among participants age 71 or older to 24%. Among 2284 men with intakes of vitamin C above the median who smoked less than 1 pack per day of vitamin E extended the period to 2 years at the upper limit of age range. The study was published Dalan age and aging. Reference;  Aura Magazine