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10 Most Influential Women in the World

United States First Lady, Michelle Obama was ranked first in the 100 most powerful women on earth according to Forbes magazine. Michelle is an iconic blend of fashion and politics. This type of modern women. In the Forbes edition released in October 2010, Michelle ratings up 39 ranks and managed to shift the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel who slipped to fourth position. Michelle was involved in U.S. government policies such as the rights of women than Laura Bush, wife of George W. Bush. And Michelle did not like Hillary Clinton a hard time pursuing a policy of health care reform. Michelle, mother of two holds a law degree from Harvard that have a high awareness of social issues. Michelle managed to force companies like Coca-Cola, Kellogg and General Mills to reduce the calorie content of their food in 2012. "54 percent of Americans view both to Michelle Obama," says Forbes magazine. In the second place there is the Chief Executive Officer of Kraft Foods America, Irene R

How to make Paypal Account

Previously had confused what is Paypal? and for what? after seeking information Paypal found out anyway if it can be used to shop online at e Bay and usually a jump kebisnis online using PayPal to attract money into our bank account. Here are the steps to make a PayPal account: Sign-up button will then appear personally, Premier and Business. Select Personal if only for the personal and then emerged a form. Fill out all information requested by Paypal must match the identity card (ID) that we have, it's easier if we want to attract money into our bank account. When we name a single name means not only having the last name then first name is filled with our name, middle name vacated last name only and to put a comma (,). After completing the information click agree and create an account. Further information is complete check in our email inbox is usually PayPal will send you a notification when you have managed to have a PayPal account and if you want our PayPal account on

Benefit Tempe For Breast Health

Illustration of Tempe Often we hear the phrase "longer Tempe Tempe again" every time tempeh dishes served at home. Tempe is one food that many consumption by the people of Indonesia and have many vitamins it contains. Some time ago I get articles from the mother Inung Purwati Saptasari ST, MSi who runs a website about the secret of beautiful breasts, if tempeh have benefits for breast health and one of its benefits to treat breast. It has been scientifically proven that soy is beneficial for the prevention of cancer appear to continue to grow. Nuts are rich in protein content are believed to choose a potential against the growth of breast cancer, especially if consumed since puberty. Researchers from Georgetown Medical Center research report published in British Journal of Cancer emphasizes that women should eat high ABG made from soy if you want to avoid the risk of breast cancer. In soybeans, according to investigators contained a kind of important chemical called