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Hi traveler especially people who like travel to beach and may this place nice place as your next destination for your travel. Thousand islands  is a destination very popular in Jakarta due this place have many islands and have a beautiful beach with white sands. Many island in Thousand Islands such as Bira island, Onrust Island, Pari Island, Tidung Island, Bulat Island etc. Many public transpotation has been provided for reach to thousand island such a busway will deliver until to port Muara Angke or Marina Bay Ancol then continue with take by boat. Most boat will departure from port  at 7 am hence you might arrive in port at 6 am.  Thousand island have clean beach and white sands hence this place nice place for traveler for sun bathing, fishing and diving. At Onrust island traveler will see Dutch heritage fort also enjoy to view sunset at Bira Island. Many local people at thousand island already rent their house also with meal for traveler with low budget . They are very welcome and
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Do you like travel to beach? if you love to travel to beach hence you have to list  Anyer as next your destination for travel.   Anyer has many stunning beach  such  as Sambolo beach, Carita beach, Tanjung Lesung Beach. Marbella  beach, Florida Beach. One of the beach has good view is Carita beach at Pandeglang.  Well Carita is the best place for your vacation to leisure with low budget and close to Jakarta   Carita beach from Jakarta around 130 KM and could be via highway Jakarta to Merak. Carita has stunning panorama with white sands l and low waves that combined with views of Mount Krakatau. The facilities at Carita beach are complete such as Banana boat, Snorkeling, snowboarding, diving and other facilities.  There are many inns along the coast or resident's house rented by local people for back packer tourits with low budget. Every morning you can see the fishermen with their wood boat went to beach to find out some fish and many shells along the coast.          Carita Beach  
Indonesia woman just celebrate Kartini's day on April 21. She is not just anyone person because she has view about emansipation  that similarity right between woman and man. She already struggle for raise the dignity of Indonesia woman there fore she has been dedicate her self to progress 

Miraculous benefits of Longan fruit

Longan also called Longan, Cat eye or Longan Dimocarpus, tribal lerak-lerakan or Sapindaceae are fuit trees originating from mainland Southeast Asia. Longan fruit  is  a round shape with a small brown leather and has a freckle spots all the surface of the skin. Longan fruit is very chewy meat and very sweet taste.   My daughter really likes to eat Longan fruit and I was very worried about her because I scare she would cough if to eat foods too sweet that is not good for her age.  According to the research of Longan fruit is rich in polyphenols that can prevent cell damage. Other benefits are magically improve nerve function, cure insomnia, depression to restore energy. So for those of you have insomnia disorder can handle it with a lot of eating of Longan fruit. Indonesian traditional fruit is indeed remarkable, yes , its benefits? Beside that the flesh has magical benefits, Longan seed contain saponins which are sometimes used for washing hairs. Seeds, fruit, leaves and fl

Give Nutrition to improve your baby's intelligence

Did you know that Omega - 3 is very good for brain development ? Omega - 3 has long been known as an essential nutrient for brain development . That's why pregnant women are strongly advised to consume Omega - 3 supplementation in order to meet the needs of these essential fatty acids in the body , which is generally much less obtained from the daily diet , so that the brain development of the fetus can take place optimally .   Overview of the Omega - 3 Omega - 3 is an essential fatty acid that the body needs to function properly . One of the most important benefits of Omega - 3 is its anti-inflammatory effects . Many diseases , such as heart disease and arthritis , is associated with inflammatory processes . Omega - 3 may reduce inflammation , so as to prevent the various chronic diseases . Although chronic diseases are most often affects adults , it does not mean your baby does not need Omega - 3 . Omega - 3 is essential for children's health , since they were not

Resurrection Indonesia Movie

News boast to the world of Indonesian cinema. The film 'Invasion of Death or The Raid, starring Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian received a positive response from media, film lovers, and local film critic after the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The film, directed and written by Gareth Evans managed to get the award even beat Midnight Madness Award film The Tree of Life, starring Brad Pitt. Film duration of 100 minutes was about an elite force stormed the headquarters of the task to get these criminals to the head of criminals apprehended drug dealers who take the setting location in the heart of Jakarta slum community, precisely in a headquarters building hiding among the world's most dangerous gangsters. Knowing that they are being targeted, the criminals were turning off the power supply and block all the way out. Caught on the 6th floor of the building, the elite were obliged to struggle to find a way out after completing their mission. Film The Raid are colored w

Suri Cruise

Celebrity couple's daughter Suri Cruise Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise who was born on April 18, 2006 at the hospital of Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California has always been treated like a princess by her parents. Suri was lowered from his mother's beauty and always come up with fashionable, even reportedly Suri himself who chose all the clothes her wore. Katie never get criticized because the dress Suri is not suitable for  children age Suri but in fact the most beautiful baby in Hollywood. Katie Holmes says Suri is that her stylist, where Katie reveal if he was getting advice from her little girl to dress them. Katie explained that her daughter who was 4 years old it does have a unique taste in dress, Holmes and Cruise often change their clothing style in accordance with the advice Suri.