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Miraculous benefits of Longan fruit

Longan also called Longan, Cat eye or Longan Dimocarpus, tribal lerak-lerakan or Sapindaceae are fuit trees originating from mainland Southeast Asia.

Longan fruit  is  a round shape with a small brown leather and has a freckle spots all the surface of the skin. Longan fruit is very chewy meat and very sweet taste.  

My daughter really likes to eat Longan fruit and I was very worried about her because I scare she would cough if to eat foods too sweet that is not good for her age. 

According to the research of Longan fruit is rich in polyphenols that can prevent cell damage. Other benefits are magically improve nerve function, cure insomnia, depression to restore energy. So for those of you have insomnia disorder can handle it with a lot of eating of Longan fruit. Indonesian traditional fruit is indeed remarkable, yes , its benefits?

Beside that the flesh has magical benefits, Longan seed contain saponins which are sometimes used for washing hairs. Seeds, fruit, leaves and flowers of Longan also used as traditional medicine, especially in Chinese herbs. The leaves contain quercetin and quercitrin. The timber of Longan trees can also be used as light construction and tooling in house because it is good timber.


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